Dickson Avenue is introducing a new addition to our Lloyd Loom furniture collection – the Jersey side chair. Lloyd Loom is seeing a resurgence in popularity as the century old technique adopts more modern lines. The same durable and well-built furniture has been reinvented for today’s aesthetic. The Jersey side chair’s svelte shape is due to […] more

As we prepare to spend more time indoors during the cooler winter months, Dickson Avenue is proud to introduce the newest member of our furniture collection – the Beverly family. The Beverly family’s characteristics are its boxy yet graceful profile, combining natural teak wood with the warmth of Lloyd Loom. Instead of the traditional manufacturing […] more

When you make a purchase at Dickson Avenue, rest be assured that our service extends beyond your purchase. We commit ourselves to providing the best service available, which is why all of our indoor, outdoor, lounge, and garden furniture will be hand delivered, fully assembled, and ready for your immediate enjoyment. We offer the services of […] more
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