Lloyd Loom

What is Lloyd Loom Furniture?

The Lloyd Loom process is twisting paper ribbon around metal wire and then weaving the these ribbons into fabric. The fabric is sealed and dried; creating a long-lasting, sturdy material. Our Lloyd Loom fabric is cut to size and attached to sturdy rattan frames, creating both classic and modern takes on furniture that has been adored by many since the early 20th century.

Although Lloyd Loom is made from paper, the finished product has very little resemblance to its origins. Not only is it stronger than wicker, this manufactured fibre has a more even appearance and unlike cane furniture, Lloyd Loom does not have a tendency to split. The result is smooth, durable and well-built – ideal qualities for long lasting, luxury furniture.

The Dickson Avenue Guarantee.

It goes without saying that Dickson Avenue’s Lloyd Loom furniture is guaranteed against any faulty workmanship. We manufacture long-lasting furniture for our customers. Our Lloyd Loom furniture products are stylish, modern and incredibly durable.

Lloyd Loom pieces are a beautiful addition to your home and a great investment for the future. Dickson Avenue offers a comprehensive collection of Lloyd Loom colours to work with your decor and to give you many years of enjoyment.